Full and Partial Dentures

Teeth are a vital part of everyday living and important to long-term health.  Teeth improve a smile, increase confidence, and needed to maintain good nutrition for overall health.  Some situations can cause actual tooth loss, such as accidents, genetics, age, tooth trauma or decay.  Whether it is one tooth or several teeth which are lost, partial or full dentures can restore the look and function similar to natural teeth, resulting in an enhanced smile, better health and higher quality of life.

What is a partial denture?

A partial denture is a synthetic tooth or set of several teeth used when there are still healthy teeth existing in the upper or lower jaw.  It is used as a replacement of missing teeth in order to fill the gaps in between the natural teeth.   A partial denture is perfectly matched in color and size with existing teeth for an overall, uniform look and function. A partial denture is sometimes called a bridge, however, unlike a permanent bridge similar to a crown, a partial denture is removable for daily cleaning of the appliance.

What are full dentures?

Full dentures are made of synthetic materials to create the look of a full set of natural teeth. Unlike a partial denture, full or complete dentures are used to replace a full set of teeth on the upper or lower jaw, when no natural teeth are present.  Dentures are attached to a plastic base similar in look of the gums.  These are supported by a metal framework to fit in the mouth to hold the dentures in place.

Why are partial and full dentures important?

Dentures can immediately improve the look of one’s smile and overall self-confidence.  Healthy teeth are important not only in enjoying daily living, eating and speaking, but it is also essential to good overall health and in good digestion.  Furthermore, a smile and healthy teeth are one of the first things people notice when interacting and speaking with one another.  Healthy, even and uniform teeth convey confidence and self-assurance. Dentures bring a relatively immediate and positive change to missing teeth as well as an enhanced overall appearance.

 What should I expect when I see a dentist for partial for full dentures?

For an initial visit, the dentist will discuss the options available to correct the gaps in the missing teeth. If dentures are the best option, the dentist will measure and form casts which are precisely measured for a patient’s mouth. These casts are then sent to a dental lab to be manufactured into dentures exclusively to fit the patient.  After a period of two to three weeks, the dentures are then returned to the dentist office where the dentist will accurately fit the dentures to the patient ensure precise fit.   Instructions are then given by the dentist to the patient on how to keep the dentures and mouth clean and in healthy condition.

A confident and assured smile is only one visit away.  To see if partial or full dentures are the right option for your situation, consult the professional dental offices of Rogers Family Dental .