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Why schedule an appointment at Rogers Family Dental?

Preventative care

Orem dentists at Rogers Family DentalWe all have choices in life. We can either choose to take care of what we have been given, or choose to go without. If we choose to go without, we have to pay dearly to have it restored back to us again.

It is no different with the natural teeth we have been given. Maintaining our natural teeth is far easier and less expensive than the consequences of losing our teeth to decay or having them restored cosmetically. Nevertheless you can certainly have us do it for you.

Routine appointments every six months helps prevent gum disease and tooth loss as well as catching cavities while they are small. Having your teeth cleaned professionally by our Orem dentists will remove tarter and plaque that build up over time, especially beneath the gum surface, which if not removed can lead to gum disease and gingivitis (red, swollen, bleeding gums). Digital x-rays can catch cavities and abnormalities before they become costly and painful. Any tooth or gum sensitivity can be caught and treated with minimal effort and cost far less before it becomes painful and expensive. Our dentists can even detect many forms of oral cancers before they become disastrous.


Prevent emergencies

Proper care in brushing, flossing and having your teeth professionally examined and cleaned every six months will go far in preventing future tooth sensitivity, cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis and gum disease. All of which could impair tasting, chewing, swallowing and even talking. Without strong and healthy teeth to grind food property, digestion can also become affected.


Furthermore, a painful toothache or tooth sensitivity should not be ignored. This is an important sign that something is not right and we recommend you schedule an appointment to visit our Orem dentists right away.


Untreated cavities or neglected broken fillings can lead to gum disease which if still left untreated will lead to more drastic emergency treatments such as root canals, painful abscessed teeth, surgeries or even tooth removal. These kinds of infections are very serious to your overall health and must be treated promptly before infections spread to other parts of the body, making one seriously ill.


Cosmetic Appearances

One’s overall appearance can be dramatically improved through dental cosmetic procedures. Teeth whitening can make teeth look more youthful, bonding can rebuild chipped teeth, implants and dentures can restore missing teeth, and dental braces of various kinds can bring teeth into alignment to aid in self-confidence as well as healthy chewing and digestion.


These and other dental services are available from your local Orem Dentists at Rogers Family Dental. Gives us a call at 801-225-7712 to schedule an appointment!